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      British cattery paradise
We will have kittens available please send us an email ! We have some beautiful brown babies available and planned new babies due soon in Brown & Snow & possibly silver spotted that we are accepting applications for. Please go to the Kittens page for more info and application.

        The Beauty of the British shorthair in your Home
British cattery paradise are located in the beautiful  , the state capital and most populous city of the Commonwealth of . We strive for British shorthair cat & kittens with Wild Beauty, Excellent Temperament, High Quality Glittered Pelts, Striking Contrast and Rosetted patterns in Snow,white black / ebony red / orange blue / gray cream / beige / tan chocolate / brown / sable cinnamon fawn lilac  colours.

       Healthy  British shorthair Cats & Kittens
We strongly believe in producing not only beautiful but healthy British shorthair cats and kittens. We are afraid our animals will get certain diseases. Our cats receive series of shots (commonly called FVRCP  vaccinations) by the time they are fully weaned. Deworming schedule for young kittens is the same. After this series, they may receive additional annual booster shots following recommendations of vet doctor. A well ventilated room with adequate temperature and controlled humidity, non-toxic environment in the home, fresh water, and other sanitary conditions keep pets healthy. Good breeding lines also  insure the health and quality of our cats and kittens.