Kitten Maintenance Information

Key points 1. You will have to wash where the kitten sleeps once every week or when its required, you also have to wipe down their equipment often. 2. The place where they live always has to be neat and tidy since that's how they have been raised and how I'd like them to live. You need to change their plates after every single meal, you can't mix two different types of food together under any circumstances and food they don't eat under 24 hours you will have to rubbish because it will start growing bacteria and breeding germs. 3. It's very important to feed them 4 times a day at the beginning. You should have on hand 4 extra plates just for the 4 meals. Dry food, milk and water should always be available to them no matter what. 4. However these 4 times I give them a different range of food, they don't eat the same flavour more than once a day and I wouldn't expect them to because that would be a bit boring.

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