What particularly to look for when choosing a kitten?

Pay attention first and foremost on the health and availability of documents. Kitten inherit from parents the appearance and character. Note on content cats parents. If the father marks, the kitten 100% to be marked.

Who is better a boy or a girl character?

Girls, interesting boys, the boys are still on many things. In my opinion, breed interesting to watch, but especially individually.

What difficulties may arise in connection with moving to a new home?

Everything is individual and depends on the nature of the kitten. Any move is stressful, put the kitten water, food and a tray in one room and don't let it go anywhere for a day or two. The socialization of a kitten is a breeder's business. The kitten usually quickly adapts, especially boys, and starts to run and study everywhere.
If the kitten does not crawl out from under the sofa upon arrival, then by driving him out of there, you will not win his trust. He himself will eventually come out and come to meet you. Be patient and respect your kun!

Carrying, which one to take?

Take it taking into account that your animal will grow up. If the animal will fly, then there are certain requirements for carriers, familiarize yourself with them.

How often are kittens bathed?

Not more often than once a month, it is better if it is very dirty.

I live out of state?

Shipping cost is between $300-$600 when available (in continental U.S.). That price can vary depending on when the kitten is being shipped.  Pet Carrier, Health certificate from vet, etc. would be in the $300-$600 cost, this would be with a courier in cabin airline, depending on location.   Shipping cost plus final balance are due 1-2 weeks prior to the date your kitten(s) can be shipped, and must be paid via Venmo, Zelle, Cash app and others.  We have to coordinate with the airlines and veterinarians for certificates so the flight must be paid for in that time frame.  At this time we use a shipper to fly the kittens in cabin, however due to Covid flights may be limited....

Can we visit your cattery?

  This is our personal home that we raise the British Shorthair kittens in, due to health we do not allow random visits to our home,.

What if I need help?

We are always available as a resource with any questions that you might have. ...and we always love to see updated pictures of your baby!!

Do you place kittens with a purchase agreement contract and health guarantee?

 Yes, all kittens go home under a signed contract from both parties with a 72-hour warranty against viral diseases and a 1-year warranty against cognitive and hereditary defects. Our kittens are guaranteed for life against PK-Deficiency (Hemolytic Anemia) and PKD1 (Polycystic Kidney Disease).

Are your cats blood and DNA tested?

Yes. All of our breeding cats are tested  regularly for presence of FIV, FeLV, PKD, HCM, FeCV, FeCov, FCV, FHV, MRSA, Hepatatis B, Bordtella, Chlamydiosis, Toxoplasmosis, Coccidiosis, Giardiasis, extaernal /internal parasites and Heartworm, We submit both to the lab: blood and molecular samples. All the adult breeding cats must have negative results to participate in our breeding program

Is there any good reliable way to groom cats at home?

Yes, there is. High quality brushes and combs will do the job. In fact, regular daily brushing helps the skin to renew the cat's fur more quickly and make the coat to feel thick and look shiny.

Do kittens ever get sick?

Kittens have a lower immunity than adult cats due to being a new living organism. Through time and exposure to outside world kittens gain a stronger immunity. In some cases, this immunity is built through viral sickness. This is equivalent to humans as the babies and toddlers are more likely to be susceptible to colds.

Is the contract required to purchase a kitten ?

Signing a purchase agreement is a standard procedure to buy a kitten​. It is a legal document that protects both parties.

Can you ship a kitten to Canada or Hawaii ?

Yes. We do ship or deliver our kittens to Canada. Some additional docs are mandatory for the kitty to be boarded on the plane and may costs some extra .  

Are you offering personal delivery?

We offer personal delivery to your home via car or plane for an additional fee. This is the most suitable way for the kitty since the animal is under our best care during the transport. Delivery in person to Seattle area is free on days of our choice.

What you can tell about health and mortality for your cats?

British breeds belong to the top of healthiest breeds of cats with minimum health issues and extended longevity  with proper feeding and care.

Why should we choose this breed?

You do not have to . There are several other  cat breeds around. We chose this specific breed because  we think our felines carry beauty and luxury. Personality of british breeds is also unbeatable.

Are your cats registered?

Our felines are TICA  (The International Cat Association) and WCF (World Cat Federation) registered as purebred British Shorthair and British Longhair. All our cats accompanied with registration certificates  and pedigrees.

What exact age I can adopt a young kitten?

Our kittens are eating solid foods, using a litter box and scratch post, playing a lot with siblings and toys, and no longer depending on their mom by the age of 8 weeks.  It is highly suggested that kittens go to the new pet owners right after 8 weeks of age, unless there are any reasons why the kitten may not be ready. This age is somewhat critical for socialization and bonding with people to achieve valuable results, Waiting longer is not beneficial for kittens or their new owners. This age period is also one of the most important times too build treasured memories with. They are like babies and at 8 weeks, these kittens basically imprint on their new owners and adjust faster. They grow up with their new family’s and learn easier. We are basing this on our previous experience of raising and adopting many kittens who now happily live with their new owners. We may also keep some kittens a little longer if they need more time to adjust from their mothers to perfect litter box etiquette, independence and bonding with people. If this applies to your kitten, we will notify you immediately when your kitten is ready to go home. We pride ourselves in only sending the most beautiful, healthy and well-behaved kittens at the right age to their home.