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Kitten Care

​​We raise quality felines with a lot of hard work. Our hard work pays off when we see delightful kittens join a new family were they will be loved and cared for. A feline does not require much from you, all it needs is love and proper care.

According to cats natural instincts, felines need time between meals to fast. Nibbling all day keeps adult cat's system alkaline that lowers their immunity which may easily cause Feline Urological Syndrome (FUS). We recommend to feed fully grown cats and limit them to one or two meals per day as a maximum. Also, there is no law on how to feed cats and kittens properly where everyone is different. We prefer to spend more money on buying good quality foods for them and see our felines healthy. Our cats do not suffer from urinating/kidney or other digestive issues. No hair loss or similar symptoms of vitamin/mineral/nutrient deficiency. Our cats all live a happy life and thankful for the foods and care offered .


We brush our cats with a bristle brush as often as needed to remove loose hair and clumpy fur. The felines eyes also have to be cleaned as needed to remove tear stains off their fur. Although majority of cats do not enjoy to be bathed, baths may be required if necessary.
Taking your pet to the groomers is good idea too, for their ‘extra care’(Ear cleaning, nail and fur trims). The time frame is based on your decision. We also recommend for your pet to have their teeth cleaned by a veterinarian once per year.

Every one of our kittens has been raised like royalty in a clean and warm environment best suited to them and their welfare. Kittens are easily vulnerable to stress from stress-related situations like isolation, the cold, loud children, other animals, and wearing collars. Stress can weaken their immune system and cause illness or even death.
If you aren’t often home to spend time with your kitten or you away from home all day a second kitten would be ideal to keep your existing kitten company. These kittens are raised with love and care surrounded by the whole family and would love to be part of the family in every way.